We perform double-entry accounting of all primary and secondary documents generated by clients. Accrual of pay and extra pay. Accrual of benefits related to wages and salaries. Preparation and submission to the bank of payment orders at the discretion of the company manager. Representation by electronic signature. Preparation of Annual financial statements in accordance with legal requirements and standards. Preparation and submission to the NSI of the annual statistical information. Submission of the necessary reports […]

Incorporation, licensing and administrative services:

Incorporation of new companies in accordance with the Commercial Law. Re-incorporation related to changes in management addresses, changes in statutes or governing bodies and more. Registration (voluntary or compulsory) under the Value Added Tax Act. Registration for special VAT regime. Registration under the Excise Duties and Tax Warehouses Act. Registration to get Local status. Filing of the Annual Financial Statements in the Commercial Register. Filing of companies with no activity in the Commercial Register.


During revisions by the NRA. During revisions by the Labor Inspectorate.  While checking by the Consumer Commission.  Before the National Revenue Agency for submission of information, for carrying out cross-checks, submission of Notifications under Art. 62, para. 4 of , Labor Code, registration before Registry for the approved types, submission of Declaration Sample 1 and 6, as well as Declaration of the Corporate Income Tax Act and the Personal Income  Таx Act. Before the National […]


Value added tax calculation, determination of tax credit and tax payable. Monthly submission of VAT returns. Submission of necessary documents in case of VAT refund from NRA. Appeal against acts issued by the NRA bodies. Preparation and submission of VIES declarations. Preparation and filing of the tax return under the Corporate Income Tax Act. Accrual of the tax due Total income of the personnel under the Personal Income Tax Act and submission of a Declaration […]


Calculation of the salaries of employees in the company (basic salary, classes, social allowances, bonuses, etc.). Calculation of taxes and social security contributions, at the expense of the employer and at the expense of the insured person. Preparation of payroll records.  Preparation of accounts for payments of civil contracts. Preparation of payment documents for social security contributions and taxes due. Preparation and submission of Declaration 1 to the NSSI for the insured persons. Preparation and […]

Maintenance of personnel for the employees in the company

Preparation of employment and civil contracts, orders for dismissal of employees in the company. Preparation of requests, orders, declarations, etc. on sick leave,  leave, etc. absences. Preparation and submission of notifications for registration of self-insured persons, management and control contracts, insurers.  Preparation and submission of notifications for registration of employment contracts under Art. 62 of the Labor Code. Issuance of certificates to employees of the company for annual income and other certificates related to remuneration […]


Opening of fundraising and current bank accounts. Preparation of all financial statements and reports required by the respective bank. Fill in the necessary loan application forms.  Preparation of estimated balance sheets, cash flows, profit and loss accounts.