About us

K & G Finance is a finance and legal services oriented firm that offers a wide range of services aimed at facilitating the management of companies from the tedious administrative work.

Our mission is to provide competent financial, accounting and legal services to managers of Bulgarian companies.

We help managers to manage  their business without wasting time in acquiring knowledge of the legislation and its amendments. We monitor your policies and we keep you compliant with the deadlines for submission of required declarations. You will not need to control your accountant for proper recording of your business transactions anymore. Furthermore, you will not have to inform the NSSI of any appointment and dismissal of employees anyomore. You will not have to examine the credit conditions in different banks. We do all these tasks for you.

K & G Finance is able to do all of this, while company managers use their time resource to manage their businesses operationally and strategically.

The leading members of the team are the following:

Vanyo Konsulov – Managing Partner: Professor at Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski” – Head of the Finance and Accounting Department.

Andrey Gekov – Managing Partner: Master in Accountancy and Analysis, Master in Business Administration.

Orlin Dimitrov – Chief Accountant – Master in Accounting and Control. 

Violeta Teofilova – Accountant, Payroll and Personnel: Master in Accounting and Control. 

K & G Finance has a Professional Liability Insurance. We guarantee the highest quality of the services we provide and to minimize the risks of accounting errors.